Kings – A Beer Game

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Are you and your buddies staying in to drink tonight, but still want to have some fun? Get a deck of cards and play kings. This game is sure to get the good times rolling in no time.

What do you need:

  1. One large cup
  2. One deck of cards
  3. Beer…lots and lots of beer

Place large cup in the middle of the table. Shuffle and scatter cards, face down, in a circle around the cup. Each drink is the equivalent of a normal sip/gulp.

How to play:
Each player chooses a card and must do the action which corresponds with the chosen card (see below). If you choose a card which breaks the circle, you must drink; this will happen numerous times throughout the game.  Left is law, so turns are taken clockwise.

Aces: “Waterfall”- Everyone starts drinking at the same time. Once the person who picked the card stops drinking, the person to their left can then stop. The third person can stop after the second and so forth. If a person stops out of turn, they must drink extra.

Two: “Here’s to you”- The person who picks the card chooses someone else take a drink of their beer.

Three: “Here’s to me”- The person who picked the card must take a drink of their beer.

Four: “Whores”- Sorry ladies, but this one is for you

Five: “Rules”- A rule is made by the person who picked this card and it must be followed until the next five is picked.

Six: “Dicks”- Guys it is your turn…drinks up!

Seven: “Social”- Everyone takes a drink

Eight: “Don’t be late”- Without saying anything, everyone puts their thumb on the table. Last to catch on must drink.

Nine: “Rhyme”- The card chooser picks a word or sentence. The person to the left must say something that rhymes, followed by the next person, and so forth. Whoever can not think of a word/sentence, or says a make believe word, drinks their beer.

Ten: “Categories”- The person who chose the card picks a category (teams, beer names, actors, etc) Going in a circle, each person names something from the category until a person can not name anything else, or names incorrectly. This person must then drink.

Jack: “Go Back”- The person must repeat whatever the person before them did.

Queen: “Questions”- Going in a circle, each person must ask the next person a question, without answering the question being asked that person asks the next, and so forth. Whoever mistakenly answers the question or can’t think of another question must drink.

King: The first, second, and third king picked must pour as much of their own beer as they see fit into the large cup in the middle of the table. The person who picks the FOURTH king must drink the entire cup in the middle of the table in the allotted amount of time.  This is the end of the game.

Two-six: The number chosen is the amount of seconds you must drink. Also, you can play according to black (give away your drinks) and red (drink your own) rules.

Eight: “Pick a date”- The person can pick another to drink with them.

Or make up your own variations to ensure a great night of drinking and games with your friends.

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