Weekend after weekend you and your buddies sit around doing the same routine; picking up a case of beer, sitting around playing the same card games and telling the same jokes just like previous weekends. This weekend mix it up a little. How about playing a round of golf…pub golf. All you need is a few bars (within walking distance of each other) a group of people looking for a good time, and a reliable designated driver.

Before going out

  1. Get a group of friends together. If you are really ambitious, get dressed up in your golfing attire and bring along a few props to complete the feeling.
  2. Set a course of 9 (or 18 bars if you are crazy) you plan on attending- all within walking distance. Your downtown partying destination would be an ideal place.
  3. Make a list of drinks and assign par, a REALISTIC number of strokes (sips/gulps) for each drink. For example, a pint of beer would have a par of six sips/gulps, a shot would be one, and a Jack/Coke short would have a par of four. Be sure to include a variety; beer, wine, shots, cider, champagne, and mixed drinks.

While out

  1. Start at your first hole (bar). Everyone orders the same drink and pairs up to ensure no cheating. As with regular golf, the idea is to get under, par or as close to at each bar. For instance, at hole one everyone orders a long island iced tea, the par is six, so each player should finish their beverage in as close to six sips/gulps as possible. Those who complete the task in less get a lower score and those who take more get a higher score. The winner is the player with the lowest score at the end of the night.
  2. Certain times should be allowed for bathroom breaks. If a player takes an unassigned bathroom break, penalty strokes may be added to their score. Also, break the game into two parts. After nine holes take a break before continuing on with the second part.
  3. Make sure you eat food as you go and take breaks in between.  Food does not count against you.
  4. Most importantly, have fun, be safe, and do not drink and drive.

Pub golf is the perfect activity for bachelor or bachelorette parties, or a change from your mundane weekends. Tweak the rules for you and your friends in order to guarantee a fun-filled night of drinking.  Remember, do NOT drink and drive!

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