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The AHA held a rally at the CB & Potts restaurant and brewery this weekend, and I could not pass up the chance to check it out.

aha rally

Being a member has it's benefits, like the AHA Rally at CB & Potts

Attendees of the rally got a free growler with coupons to fill it at a cheap price, raffle tickets for door prizes, a chance to meet the brewers, free appetizers, and a tour of the brewery.  The best part was one free beer!

The coupon for the free beer could be used on any CB & Potts beer, so I tried their new beer.  Their new beer was Pilsner Noelle.  It is a good beer, a bit heavier than I expected, but a good Pilsner.  According to the guide, CB & Potts recently abandoned the Coors and Budweiser from their menu.  I suspect this is the beer they will serve in its place.

The tour was filled with interesting gems of homebrew advice, such as the importance of using finings or using longer boils at higher altitudes.  After the brief tour, the brewers were open for questions.

In the future I’ll try to keep an eye on these events.  These tours and AHA rallies are interesting events that you won’t want to miss.


The AHA Rally included a tour of the brewery

There are more pictures at the Fermentarium Flickr site .

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