Inflatable pubs – Jumpy castles for adults!

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Great big jumpy castle for adults

How cool is this?  Amber Iris Limited in the UK makes inflatable pubs.  It is like a great big jumpy castle for adults!

inflatable pub

An inflatable pub. How cool is that?

There are 4 pubs to choose from, with the largest pub being about 1100 square feet inside with a 27 foot high ceiling.  The interior is painted to look like a pub, complete with paintings, hanging fish, and an Inglenook fireplace.  The capacity of the largest pub depends on if you have tables, but the company estimates the portable pub will hold 20 to 50 people.  The pubs even have an internal frame for lighting and decorating.  It truly is a portable pub which you can erect anywhere.

inflatable pub 2

Think about how cool this would be. Just set up your own pub where ever you want to (or are allowed to).

The “Catch”

Before you get too excited, like I was, these pubs are a bit pricey.  The large one, which of course is the one I want, costs £16,500.  I even deluded myself into thinking the conversion rate was better.  Nope.  That’s $33,000 USD.  Then I found the American website .  It actually costs $45,978 USD (nice round number).  Still, it is a really cool jumpy castle – and you can drink beer in it!  It would be perfect for the park parties in my neighborhood .

inflatable pub 3

The inflatable pubs come with fake pub wall art on the inside

The portable pub really is targeted towards businesses.  They offer services to hook up kegs and beer lines in the pub, as well as, services to help you set up a pub business.  It looks like those services are strictly for UK customers.  That’s ok, because if I had that kind of money to spend on one, it wouldn’t be for business.

If that isn’t cool enough for you, they do offer custom castles.  Granted these are specialized for Coors or Guinness, but imagine the wow factor if your name was plastered across it.  The company says they also can design pubs to specification.  If I had the money, this could be lots of fun.  I can already imagine taking “Castle Deege” to my party location.  I guess I better start saving up.

(pictures from the company website)

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