Orwellian Drinking At Four Seasons Troon North

by Random

$28 dollars for a 375ml bottle of wine?!?

I’m in Arizona for the weekend at a friend’s wedding.  The wedding is going to be one of those crazy big deal weddings, big enough to land a spot in Platinum Weddings (a reality wedding show on the WE channel) next season.  So you’re probably wondering what it’s like drinking at the four star resort in Troon North.

The first stop in this article series is the room itself.  You’re probably thinking it’s an expensive resort, of course the drinks are expensive.  Well… you are right.  The beer in the fridge is $6.75 USD per Corona, Amstel Light, or Heineken.  Not outrageous, but not exactly a deal for the macro swill imports.

There is also your token red wine and white wine.  Their selections are a 2000 De Loach Estate bottled Cabernet Sauvignon and a Chardonnay which I cannot read for reasons which will be clear soon.  Both wines are $28 USD for a 375 ml bottle (two equal a full 750 ml bottle of wine).

Here’s the fun part.  You touch it, it’s yours.  I’m not kidding.  You take one of the beers out of the fridge a sensor registers it and you are billed for it.  Gone in thirty seconds, from your bank account that is.  Since I cannot remove the bottle of wine from the fridge, I cannot see the Chardonnay.  It’s in a slot in the mini fridge, and touching means ownership.

four seasons minibar

Just look. Touch the beer, and it's yours.

You can’t even drink the beer, and then replace it with another before you leave.  Infrared sensors have already registered the purloined beer, and someone will be by to replace it soon.  How’s that for service?  Creepy huh?

The front desk assured me this was “more convenient for me”, and if I was charged from something I did not consume I would not be charged for it.  They will however know I looked at it and touched it.

The fun does not stop there.  Even the coffee cups are tracked.  If they move, they will bring you another one in the afternoon.  Big brother meets fine hotel service.  This way you can have your cup of java in a clean glass every time.  I wish I could get this service in a bar!

The bar is where I am heading next!

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