Police: Our bad, here’s some beer

by Random

police car

I see nothing wrong with a free bottle of beer as an apology.

Beer seems to solve all kinds of police problems.  Here in the USA, when  police arrested a Harvard professor in his own home the policeman, the professor and President Obama settled the differences over a beer.  Now in the UK, Hampshire police are using beer to smooth over one of their own screw ups.

The police busted down the front door of Kayleigh Hill and Anthony McVey in a drug raid gone wrong.  The drug peddler they were looking for had long since moved out, and the couple now lived there with their two young children.  Apparently someone hadn’t done their detective work.

The officers later returned with flowers and a nice beer worth about £1.79.  They also offered to pay for the door.

I would have been happy with the nice bottle of beer and I thought it was a nice gesture, but apparently things are different in the “nanny state”.  The officers were given a stern talking to about the “inappropriate” gift.  I’m not sure why that was inappropriate, unless they expensed a whole case and the other 23 beers went missing?

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