Watch out for Falling Rock Tap House

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This weekend some friends and I caught a Rockies game at Coors Field – by some miracle they won.  Apparently the New York Mets are even worse.  To make the baseball game much longer than I thought possible, the suite we were in only had Budweiser and Coors (no Blue Moon).  If we wanted Blue Moon, it was $24 per 6-pack or a long walk downstairs.  We suffered through the game with the BMC swill, and vowed to get better beer later.

rockies stadium

The seats and view were great, but the beer was silly expensive

The Falling Rock Tap house was the perfect stop after the game.  The laid back bar on Blake Street sports a very casual outdoor patio recessed of the street.  If you’re not careful, you might walk by without seeing the bar.  When you go,

beer glass tower

Yes, that tower of beer glasses is all glass.

be on the look out for the “Watch for Falling Rocks” sign next to the hop vines.

The hop vines are a cool fixture to the side of the bar.  I am very jealous how large their hops were in an urban setting.  Mine currently are only a few inches tall.  I have hop-envy.

With so many bars in the area, it can be difficult finding a spot with a solid selection of beer on tap.  Falling Rock has more than 69 beers on tap.  After the Rockies beer, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  I had troubles deciding what to choose.  I was a kid in a wonderful “candy store”.  The best part was the bar had Chimay white (Tripel) on tap.  It was the first beer I ordered.

beer taps

The Falling Rock Tap House is like being a kid in a candy store.

I did expect to get the beer in a goblet, but they served the Chimay in a wine glass.  Convincing my friends Chimay was “manly” was impossible while holding the beer in a wine glass.  To regain some semblance of masculinity, all subsequent beer orders were beers known to be served in manly pint glasses.

Speaking of the pint glasses, it was entertaining to watch the waitress attempt to carry 26 pint glasses.  My first thought was, “this can only end poorly”, but with some direction help and cheering from the pub, she did make it back without dropping the tower.

Next time you are in Denver, definitely make Falling Rock Tap House.  The beer selection alone is worth the trip!

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