Boomin’ Baby Boomer Babysitting Bar Business

by Pub tales

A story in Reuters ran last week about Mike Hammond who was looking for a drinking buddy for his 88-year-old father Jack.  The duties included taking his father out for a pint once a day.  The best part about the job was that it paid.


Taking a shutin to the pub might make a great business idea!

Imagine that, a job which pays $14 USD an hour to be a drinking buddy.  If you are interested in the job, the position was filled by a retired doctor and a former military man.  There still is hope.

This occupation could be an unfilled niche.  The baby boomer generation is currently retiring at a massive rate.  Some reports speculate around 50% of the federal workforce will retire in the next few years, although it likely will be fewer for economic reasons.  Still many will be retiring.  Add in the workers from the public sector, and you have a large retirement party coming.  That is a lot of drinkers!

In the next few years, many of these people could use a drink at the pub.  See a need, fill a need – beer glass.

Many elderly are shut in and this might be a great way to give them a bit of their life back.  Not only would you be providing a valuable service, you get to have a pint on the job!

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