Drunk-proof Jell-o shots!

by Pub tales


The Twist n' Shot makes jello shots even easier... maybe too easy!

If you’ve ever had jell-o shots, you know it’s difficult to get all of the jell-o out, or you might not remember, depending on how many you had that night.  For those of you that do remember, you know if the shot is in a paper cup, you can squeeze the shot into your mouth leaving jell-o chunks in the paper cup.  You can use a spoon to get the jell-o out.  There really isn’t a good way to get the shot completely out, at least not one that allows you to retain what little drunken dignity you still might have.

The people at Twist ‘n Shot have a solution with their Twist ‘n Shot cup.  The Twist n’ Shot removes the complete jell-o shot with one simple twist.  First you make the jell-o shots in their custom plastic cup.  The shot cup dislodges the jell-o from the cup by twisting plastic bars (that are a part of the cup) between the jell-o and the cup.  The jell-o pops out intact!

The Twist ‘n Shot comes in a four colors: blue, pink, orange, and yellow.  A package of 20 costs about $13.99.  This gadget could be a cool and unique addition to your next party!

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