French serve alcohol free beer to British soccer fans

by Pub tales

I'm not sure I could watch 3 hours of a 0-0 game without beer.

I'm not sure I could watch 3 hours of a 0-0 game without beer.

America might have a bad (and unfair) reputation for water-like beer, but France might have taken the lead.  In an effort to control unruly British soccer fans, the French stadium Stade de France is serving alcohol-free beer.  We’re not sure how that will keep them sane; we think it will just piss them off more.  Who wants to watch a 4-hour 1-1 tie sober?

Over 250,000 pints were served at the full price, without advertising that the beer was alcohol-free.  A Stade de France spokesman said: “The policy is working superbly because there has been no trouble whatsoever.”  It’s clear that the stadium has not considered what will happen when thousands of angry British soccer fans discover that they have been duped by the French.

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