No MILFs Allowed

by Pub tales

When a group of moms and daughters went out for a “girl’s night out”, the moms were refused entrance.  The Leeds Courtyard Bar told the moms their daughters could come in, but any moms over 35 years old had to make other plans for the evening, even the MILFs.


No MILFs allowed? Really? What if you just look older?

The women first thought it was a joke, but they quickly realized there was nothing funny and they were tossed back into the cold (literally – have you seen the temperatures in the UK lately?).  To paraphrase Kevin Klein, “kicking out old ladies isn’t nice”.

Of course they asked for the manager, but the bouncers just gave them old stares.  A woman did come out to apologize, but apparently the bouncers just enjoyed the moment.  They must have felt big holding back a hoard of little old ladies.

The last time I heard of anything like this was my roommate’s fraternity.  They had “whale gates” at the door, and subjected many young women to horrifying humiliation.  Apparently some bouncers don’t grow up.

The pub company Mitchells & Bulmers was notified, and they are looking into the matter and added ‘The Courtyard is enjoyed by customers of all ages. We are committed to treating our customers equally and fairly and do not tolerate discrimination in any form, whether in terms of age or otherwise.”

As long as you’re young and hot.

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