“In-heat” Wheat

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Feeling hot and frisky, and looking for your next dog in heat?  Flying Dog’s “In-Heat Wheat” is an intriguing and adventurous German-style Hefeweizen that “taunts and teases” with its full flavor. A mixture of bananas and cloves, enhanced with malted white wheat, results in a light and malty beer that gives reason for that unstoppable mystifying attraction. She is the perfect match for summer nights while on the prowl for your next dog in- heat.

About the Brewery
In 1990, two men, George Stranahan and Richard McIntyre, opened a place in Aspen, Colorado and called it Flying Dog Brewpub. Drawing people from all over, the pub became an immediate success. Years later, when these two met up with Hunter S. Thompson and Ralph Steadman, their venture jumped to the next level. Located in the LoDo area of Denver, Colorado, the Flying Dog Brewery now ships over 400,000 cases across the country each year for your continuing dog drinking pleasure.

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