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Newcastle Winter IPA

Ignore the fact its in a Brown Ale glass, they didn't send me a special glass.

Newcastle sent me another round of beer, this time their newest limited edition beer the Newcastle Winter IPA.


The Newcastle Winter IPA pours with a great light tan head which lasted for a little over a minute. When it dissipated though, the head was completely gone. There wasn’t much lacing on the glass. The beer is clear and has a good dark amber color.


This is another Newcastle beer where I really didn’t notice any aroma. I even passed it around, but no one can really notice any aroma. This seems somewhat odd for an IPA. I would have thought there would be some aroma, at least from the hops.


I enjoyed the flavor. I think too many IPAs are liquid hops, however the Newcastle Winter IPA was much smoother. It might be closer to what most people consider a English Pale Ale. The flavor is definitely hop forward, but not so much where you can’t taste anything else like many extreme IPA beers. The carbonation was a bit higher than I’d like, but that might be because it was in a bottle. I’ll have to look around to find the beer on tap.

The hop flavor lasts a bit on the aftertaste, but it’s more of a bitter aftertaste instead of a particular hop. There is a bit of bready malt flavor up front, but I didn’t think it was anything deep or complex.


I was a bit late with this review. I tried the beer back in November, but I’m just getting around to turning my notes into an article. My bad. Hopefully you can still get this beer.

Newcastle Winter IPA

Overall it's a good session beer sure to please a wider audience.

I think this beer is another good session beer. The Newcastle Winter IPA is definitely one of the better offerings from a large brewery. The lower alcohol combined with the mellow flavor means you could have quite a few. I don’t think the beer will wow anyone, but I think it would definitely work well with a wider audience. People who are turned off by very hoppy beers might still like this IPA.

You can find more information about their beer on their website.  The site has a ton of Flash, so you’ll have to click around to find the page.

I’d rate the beer 7 hops out of 10.

Brewery: Scottish & Newcastle UK Ltd.
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Style: English IPA
ABV: 5.2% ABV
Serving Type: 12oz Bottle

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