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Samuel Adams Winter Lager Revisited

I used to drink this beer many years ago when it was first released, but as I discovered other beers this beer dropped off the radar.  Now more than 10 years later, I decided to revisit this old favorite.


The beer has a good copper color.  Boston Beer describes it as “the deep brown of winter” which is kinda funny.  I’ve never thought of winter as “brown” but looking around in Colorado when there is no snow, it does look “brown”.  I think “copper” is a better description for the beer.  The beer is very clear too, and has a good head.

samuel adams winter lager

This used to be one of my favorite beers. I wonder if the beer changed, or if my tastes changed?


There is a slight aroma, but nothing too pronounced – just a slight hint of caramel.  I tried the beer in a normal pint glass, and one of their “specially designed” glasses, but there just wasn’t much aroma.


The taste of the beer is very crisp.  It is a good lager, but I seem to remember more flavor years ago.  I seem to remember more alcohol in the past too.  I guess my palate has changed.  The beer was lighter than I expected, and a bit fizzy.  This beer needs to be tried against a normal Samuel Adams, because I just didn’t notice a big “winter flavor”.  The beer is a good amber lager, just not special.


The beer would go great for your winter parties or everyday drinking during the cold months.  I think the beer would be fine for any season really.  It has a stronger flavor than most American lagers, but nothing so strong that it would be out of place in the summer.  Only the label really requires “winter”.

This beer gets 7 winter snowflakes out of 10.

Brewery: Boston Beer Brewery
Country of Origin: USA
Style: Dark Wheat Lager
ABV: 5.8%

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