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If you review beer for your blog, make beer, or judge beer you will want to check out this new iPhone application (this new application does more than pour beer).

bjcp beer styles for the iphone

All of the BJCP beer styles can be found listed in the iPhone application

2008 Beer Judge Certification Program Styles iPhone application

The 2008 Beer Judge Certification Program Styles iPhone application is an easy to navigate reference for all the BJCP Style Guidelines.  The application lists the aroma, appearance, flavor, mouthfeel, traditional ingredients, vital statistics and commercial examples of all 80+ beer styes including cider, perries, and meads.  The application also includes color references to aid in guess-timating SRM beer colors.

If you’re reading this in a country other than the United States or Canada, the BJCP guidelines help judges determine if a beer entered in a competition matches commercial examples from where the beer originates.  If you’re judging a Märzen, the guidelines will help you determine if the beer is similar to brews you might find in Bavaria.

Just how cool is it?

Now I’m sure you’re wondering, how is this any better than printing out the pdf of all the styles?

iphone bjcp app

What makes this app better than a PDF is you can drilldown to the style you need instead of flipping through pages

What makes this application cool is how you can drill down to specific styles.  Each category (i.e.- Bock, Porter, etc…) drills down to specific examples.  For instance, if you select Bock, your next choices are Maibock, Traditional Bock, Doppelbock, or Eisbock.  From there you can get a complete description of a particular style.  A few simple clicks and you can reference any beer style you need!

With this application every beer style (approved by the BJCP of course) is at your fingertips.  Even better, the next time you’re talking to someone from across the pond (read “Europeans”) about beer styles, you can match their blank stare with the complete American definition of every beer available in the world (Australian and Asian styles excluded).

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