Review: Koongarra Vineyard 2002 Shiraz

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koongarra wine

I could find very little information on this beer, but it's not bad

This wine came to us from a wine club.  There is not much information on the internet about Koongarra Vineyards.  Since there is very little information about the wine and the vineyard, we were intrigued.

The color of the wine was a dark ruby color, with slight hints of tan.  The first aroma from the wine is strong oak.  There are also scents of cherry and alcohol.  The alcohol is not distracting, but it was noticeable.

The wine has lots of flavor.  The cherry flavors jump out at you, with bits of pepper.  There were even hints of cinnamon.  The aftertaste also has bits plum and berries.  The Shiraz was spicy and really needs food to stand up to it.  The wine is a bit oaky and has an alcohol burn going down.  The wine might be better if there was less alcohol.

We give Koongarra’s 8 mysterious outbacks out of 10.

Koongarra Vineyard
SE Australia
ABV 13.9%

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