Review: Kunsági Kekfrankos Ausbruch 2003

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Kunsági Kekfrankos Ausbruch, or “Hungarian Magic” is a sweet red wine.  It is a late harvest wine made from Kékfrankos grapes – Ausbruch denotes the wine as late-harvest.  Late harvest wines are made from grapes that are left longer on the vine than normal.  This results in a sweeter wine.  The Kékfrankos grape is also known as Blaufränkisch, Lemberger, Blauer Limberger, Frankovka, Modra frankinja, or Gamé.  The grape has over 40 synonyms for the name throughout Europe.  Kunsági Kekfrankos Ausbruch‘s color is a dark red, with a slight tinge of brown.  The wine color really looks like an aged port.

Kunsági Kekfrankos Ausbruch

Kunsági Kekfrankos Ausbruch 2003 is really raisny and sweet

The first aroma from the wine was raisins.  It smells like a really big box of California raisins, just like the ones you might have received in your lunchbox as a kid.  There are also a few berries in there that we couldn’t place.  The raisins really own the aroma on this wine.

For a sweet wine, the wine mouth feel was much lighter than expected.  There are no oak flavors in this wine (there might not be any oak – it is a dessert wine).  The flavor is like a plum wine.  The raisins are quite pronounced in the flavor too.  The sweetness is not overpowering, but it is definitely a sweet dessert wine – on the same sweetness level as a sweet German Riesling.

This wine would make a good red dessert wine for someone who did not want a full bodied and high alcohol port.  The ABV for this wine is 12%.  It may not be “magic”, but it is a good sweet red wine.

7 magic raisins out of 10.

Origin: Hungary
Year: 2003
ABV: 12.0%

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