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If you are looking to sample this beer, there are three Copenhagen restaurants that sell the pricey beer.  One of the restaurants is Noma, a restaurant listed as the 15th best restaurant in the world.  If you still needed a reason to visit Copenhagen, this is it.


Carlsberg is making the world's most expensive beer for three restaurant

“We can feel that there’s an increasing market for this type of product, as some of our customers order extremely expensive wines without blinking an eye,” Lau Richter, restaurant chief at the Noma restaurant, said in a Bloomberg interview. “Ten years ago, it was a rare event selling a 1,000 kroner bottle of wine at a Danish restaurant, now we do it every day.”

Carlsberg produced 600 bottles of the luxury brew.  Each bottle is slightly less than a pint.  At 10.5% ABV, it is a very far cry from Samuel Adams’ Utopias .  We’re not sure what makes the beer cost that much.  Maybe the enjoyment of beer is also related to the cost of the beer, as it is for wine .

The record for the most expensive beer ever sold is still intact.  Future “vintages” of this beer will cost more.  In 2009, it will cost 2009 kroner and in 2010 it will cost 2010 kroner.

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