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It seems almost silly at this point.  Red wine seems to cure everything.  Red wine has compounds linked to longevity , cancer cures, and a whole slew of other cures.  Now a recently published study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry finds that there are compounds in red wine that can fight tooth decay.

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Is the next big thing wine mouthwash?

The problem with most mouthwashes is that that they kill beneficial bacteria and bad bacteria alike.  Researchers from University of Rochester Medical Center and Cornell University found that the grape pomace (stuff left over after you press the grapes) reduces harmful mouth bacteria by 70 percent to 85 percent.  They tested whole grape extract and grape pomace, but found that the pomace was most effective.

The compounds in the wine that retard the growth of harmful bacteria are known as polyphenols.  The scientists believe the compound prevents the bacteria from producing enzymes necessary for glucan production.  In short, they can’t reproduce.

The scientists are not recommending that we gargle with wine (oh well), but they do believe they can find the compound responsible and include it in a mouthwash.  They also added that wine is acidic and would reduce tooth enamel.

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