Naked Male Hula Dancer Steals Beer

by Beer nuts!

We’ve heard of the topless bandits where women rob banks topless to distract people from looking at their faces, but this story has to top that!  Three men in DeSoto, Missouri (the “show-me” state) were looking to knock back a few cold ones.  Their problem… they had no cash.  They were not going to let this deter them, so a plan was concocted. We’re assuming the plan was formulated while drunk, because everything sounds like a better idea when drunk.

Naked beer theif or Sasquatch, you decide.

Naked beer theif or Sasquatch, you decide.

Their plan was simple.  One would act as the distraction, one would steal the beer, and the third would man the get-away car.  Sounds good so far, right?  Their distraction, you ask?  The distraction would be one guy wearing a mask and nothing else performing a hula dance for the woman behind the register.  Beer nuts anyone?  Apparently the distraction “came up short” because the clerk was not impressed.  She called the cops and jotted down the license plate number.  The security camera caught the heist “in all it’s glory” on tape.  The three men, ranging in age from 19 to 23, were arrested a few days later, and face theft and indecency charges.

Let’s hope they took something better than Natural Light for their troubles!

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