Second drunk man sucks ash

by Beer nuts!


He was trying to rob Santa's Headquarters by entering through the chimney. Really?

Yes it happened again!  Almost 10 months after the Munich incident , I am again writing about a drunk person stuck in a chimney!  Not only is this another story about a drunk stuck in a chimney, this is another story about a naked drunk stuck in a chimney.  Richard Kline, 48, was rescued by police and emergency workers from a chimney in Warren, Ohio naked.

Kline was released from jail earlier in the day for attempted breaking and entering.  Naturally the best thing to do under such circumstances is to get stinking drunk and break into another building.  Police say he was looking for a place to sleep, so he decided to enter the building by sliding down a chimney Santa-style.  The story gets better.

The building in question was a log cabin used as Santa’s Headquarters.

There is no word why he was naked.  It could be he took off his clothes in an attempt to get free like the previous drunk .  It could also be he likes to sleep in the nude.

(Source: MyFox Cleveland)

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