The great beer granny panty heist

by Beer nuts!

Graham J. Nickerson, 27, pleaded guilty for entering the home of a senior citizen and stealing a pair of her Depends underwear.  To say alcohol may have been a factor in the heist is an understatement.


I'm not sure he would have been better off going for a pair like these

Nickerson was returning from a party and got lost in the woods.  Not only did he get lost, he lost his pants.  At least he didn’t get stuck in a chimney.  While traveling over the river and through the woods, he stumbled upon a house.  Not his gramdma’s house, but probably someone’s grandmother’s house.

The home belonged to a 92 year old woman.  He walked in, stole a pair of her underwear, put them on and then passed out on the floor.  Not only will he have to pay a $250 fine and abstain from alcohol for a year (probably a good thing), he will have to live with the fact he was found by police drunk, passed out, and wearing granny’s Depends™ underwear.

The best part was his reply when the judge asked Nickerson how this made him feel.  His reply was inaudible.

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