Drunk man sucks ash v3.0

by Beer nuts!

When this happened in September 2007, I thought–wow this is so crazy, it would never happen again, so I should write about it.  Then defying all odds, it happened a second time in August 2008.  Now it’s February 2009 and guess what happened?  A drunk man was found stuck in a chimney for a third time.  The trifecta is complete!


Yet another man lucky the fire wasn't on!

In Burlington, Vermont, police and fire fighters rescued an unidentified man stuck in a chimney.  The man had been screaming for help for hours before police arrived.  Rescuers could not pull the man out of his ash prison, so they were forced to dissemble the chimney one brick at a time until they could free him.

Here’s where the story gets weird.  The man obviously was drinking.  He did not need to volunteer this information for us to know he was drinking.  Sober men do not get stuck in chimneys during the wee hours of the morning.  The man claims he was drinking with his brother and he has no clue how he got into the chimney.  He didn’t even know how he got on the roof.  Yeah, no kidding alcohol was involved.

The question left unanswered is where did his brother go?  He was stuck in there for hours.  You’d think his brother might sober up enough to find some help.

The man was taken to the hospital to treat his injuries, but his next stop might be jail.  His story seems a bit shaky.  You don’t just fall into chimneys and not remember how you got there.  And your brother isn’t likely to leave you stuck without getting help (unless of course, he is a jerk).

My guess is the drunk men decided to attempt to break into a building, got stuck and his buddy took off after he couldn’t get him out.  Of course this is speculation, but if the police figure out what he was doing in there, he may find himself in prison getting stuck with a different type of ash pipe.

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